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Believing in this concept, Sculptor Barber was founded in central Taipei by Taiwanese contemporary artist Chou Shih Hsiung in 2014 as his first life-style business in his career. As the founder and creative director, Chou has directed this brand based on a life-style of a contemporary artist.  

Designed in the 80’s style of Asian apartment, the interior of the shop is renovated like a white cube with bright sunny daylight as a gallery space or a fine art studio. Performing the subtle changing of sun light in a day, experiencing the services here is like experiencing an art performance. "Sculpture your hair, sculpture your life style."

Being the leading men's barbershop in Taipei, Sculptor Barbering provides both classic and innovative barber services, including shampoo & haircut, stay handsome (straight razor shave), bread trim, hangover treatment, meeting service (quick tide-up) and free chat service.  

As the pioneer of establishing a barbershop to be more than a space of having barber services, Sculptor Barber creates contents in art, fashion and culture. Our barbers and friends are encouraged to host exhibition, pop-up events, parties and other creative careers in our space. "Friendly and Welcoming", the attitude is akin to that of an art parlour — a creative community hangout as in times past. It helps that shop, Sculptor Barber, is also a project space for hiring. 

Creating a new vision of this industry in Taiwan, In the beginning of 2016, we had this honour that Sculptor Barber had received the -Creative and Culture Awards- from our local government, and acclaimed as "Beauty changes life, the most beautiful men's barbershop in Taiwan.” - Wallpaper* Magazine.


SCULPTOR BARBER 雕塑家理髮廳,2014 年由當代藝術家周世雄先生創立於台北市中心。作為創辦人與創意總監,周先生以當代藝術家的生活風格與經驗規劃品牌方向,帶領團隊開創了一個台灣未有的生活風尚事業形態。 隱身於80年代的舊式台灣公寓中,SCULPTOR BARBER 的店內空間以藝廊與藝術工作室為靈感,讓顧客能在三面採光的純白空間內經驗每日光影的變化,每一刻都像是在體驗光與空間巧妙營造出的藝術氛圍。在這裡享受服務,就像享受一場行為藝術。

「雕塑你的髮型,雕塑你的生活風格。」 身為台灣男仕理容理髮的新銳領導品牌,SCULPTOR BARBER 同時提供經典的理容服務與創新的男仕療程。品牌與台灣最具文化標誌性的男仕理髮廳 - 台北紅玫瑰理髮廳交流,薪傳一甲子的正統台灣理容文化與手藝,推出包含專業男仕修容、傳統修鬍、台灣冷燙、電棒燙等經典理容服務。品牌亦以藝術體驗與理髮廳的交誼文化出發,開發全台獨家的頭皮山海療程、宿醉療程、約會理容與免費聊天等服務。

不只是理髮廳,SCULPTOR BARBER 讓品牌與藝術、時尚與文化結合,創造空間的無限可能性與延展性。我們鼓勵每位理髮師與團隊成員都在空間中策畫自己喜歡的展覽、快閃活動、派對或其他創意項目。我們明白在過去,理髮廳是男仕們互相交流的社群。期許傳承這份文化,我們以最友善和親切的態度服務顧客,也將店內規劃為替代空間,與不同的品牌合作展演與活動,延續理髮廳「人與人之間交流」的根本與價值。

為男仕理髮行業立下新頁,SCULPTOR BARBER 入選台灣文化部文化創意之星、台北市產業發展局亮點計畫。廣受國內外媒體報導,收錄於 2016 LOUIS VUITTON ( LV ) 世界城市導覽系列『台北』手札中。2017年獲全球最大藝術設計雜誌 Wallpaper* 10頁深度全版報導,譽為「美麗改變生活,台灣最美的男仕理髮廳。」


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Features Barbers Chair
Sculptor Barber using the Koken Legacy9O Barber Chair by Takara Belmont which is exclusively made in Japan with the highest standard of quality, style and client comfort. Sculptor Barber is proud to have this highly standard barber chair to all our precious customers. Experiencing this stunning design depicting all the romantic nostalgia of a traditional Barbershop which date back to the 1800s. Providing fun, art and function while enjoying our fine services in Sculptor Barber.  

Feature 2

SPACE of creativity
The barber shop is designed by the Taiwanese contemporary artist Chou Shih Hsiung. Sculptor Barber offers a gallery-like space to our honored guests, three massive windows surrounding an opened-square parlour, overlooking Taipei’s city busiest high street from the 2nd floor of the old apartment. Only five Barber chairs are being placed within the space, giving the sense of enjoying barber services here is like an art performing or even ceremonies, a place where can meditation and get away from the noise of the city. The space is design and open to any potential engagements and welcome to space hiring.

Feature 3

Art ambient
Space are decorated with different pieces of contemporary artworks and art objects, replaced regularly. Bespoke furnitures are designed by the artist specially for the space, the smell of the candle in the shop is from Mr. Chou's personal selection. A wide range of the life style, art & design and fashion related magazines and publications are offering at the sitting area for customers to flip over while waiting. Sculptor Barber thinks each our designer as an artist, not only creating hair style, but also gives professional styling tips and offering services in fashion and beauty consults.   

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Feature 4

Sculptor Barber 自 2016 年起,與開業 63 年的台北紅玫瑰理髮廳展開為期 2 年的薪傳交流 。台北紅玫瑰理髮廳由上海灘最傳奇的剪刀手俞長信師傅創立於西門町,曾是台灣文學大師白先勇先生筆下魔幻寫實的台北地景。 Sculptor Barber 耗時兩年, 以手藝傳承、實地見習、文化講座、懷舊活動等方式,完整保存並重新詮釋正統台灣式/上海式男仕理容理髮文化,將老台北的手藝與新式的男仕理容服務融合,提供顧客最前衛的藝術,最復古的鍾情。


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